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In a globalised and constantly changing world, we recognise the need of customers to quickly respond to market changes and expand or reduce inventory levels.
Our warehousing capabilities ensure that we find the right location for the storage and handling of your goods. We make sure that your goods are optimally stored in the warehouse and handled as efficiently as possible. We provide industry-specific storage solutions tailored to your product and market needs. 

We manage the inbound flow of goods into our warehouses as well as inspection and registration of the incoming goods. Our inbound services include unloading and palletising cargo and checking incoming goods for defects and damage. We also handle registration of items and serial numbers and putting away items to the assigned fixed racking location.

Storage services include replenishment of articles to the picking areas and cycle counting to assure that the stock levels in the system are the same as the physical stocks in the warehouse. We manage and optimise product-related storage information and offer multiple storage environments, such as climate-controlled storage, bulk storage, shelves and rack storage.

Outbound services include a wide variety of picking principles like \'First Expired, First Out\' (FEFO), \'Last In First Out\' (LIFO) and \'First In, First Out\' (FIFO). We process your sales orders using a dynamic-wave picking method, and we consolidate shipments, check the accuracy of orders, label parcels and load the cargo onto trucks or delivery vans. We have a flexible pool of employees which enables us to handle seasonal peaks.